Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun stuff...giveaways and cool things

I have discovered the cutest decor! I'm loving it...check it out here at Lewa's Designs. I think I like the dandelions the best. And the trees. And the birds. And...and...and....

Just in time, I say. I'm decorating my "Studio" and I'm getting so inspired just looking at her pictures! I think her stuff would go very well with the way I'm doing it. Pics to follow. Eventually. When I finish. IF I finish! Haha!

You can also go to that same link and follow the instructions for a very cool and generous giveaway. Very groovy, if you ask me! :-) Thank you to Brittany Hughes of Lewa's Designs! (She's from Arizona, like me! LOL)

Have a great day, ya'all!

(Above image from Lewa's Designs)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Reason Why I'm Tired Today or A Good Excuse to Go Back to Bed

Yesterday was a busy day. It started with this.

All my days start with this around 6:30. Oh yeah! And this too! My coffee pot has a timer. What a luxury to wake up to fresh coffee. It's almost like someone made it for me!

Then I moved on to a little of this.

Actually a lot of this and everything that goes along with it concerning glass cleaner, mops, washing machines, dust rags, dish soap and toilet brushes.

Then I did some of this.

Not on my dining room floor, however. I used them in the garden. (Can you hear the British in the way I speak?) In America it's a yard. Y.A.R.D. A garden is where we grow stuff like veggies. Something I would like to have but don't. In England a yard is a little paved area off the back of the house big enough for a mouse hole and a broken flower pot and one plastic chair. No worries though. It's always raining so you wouldn't even want to sit out there in your one chair and enjoy the view of your broken flower pot.


I wondered why in the world is there an apple tree planted on top of a banana tree in my garden. (It's a garden in my mind. Old habits never die.) Or maybe the banana was planted on top of the apple. Whatever. It's a rented house. What can I say?

I watered my pathetic little mint plant. I am trying to get it to take off and fill the pot with lush verdant growth that will beg me to make tea.

Speaking of pathetic, I contemplated throwing out the basil. I just can't do it though because there is a tiny bit of fresh green in the middle. See it? I'm not sure if that's old green and it just hasn't died yet or if it's new and the thing is going to make it. I suspect it's old, with my fab gardening skilz. There is a reason I don't have that vegetable garden...

I moved into the Studio. (I feel silly calling it that. Let's just refer to it as the pack rat's nest. I'd call it a cave except it isn't dark.) I finished a quilt for a dear friend's daughter who is about to have her first baby. The picture doesn't do it much justice, but it did turn out to be very cute!

I also worked on this.

The plan is that it will turn out something like this. I love it...eccentric and colorful. If it works, and I think it will, I have a desk in that room to do also.

I also debuted a new-to-me Pottery Barn fabric that I might make into a new duvet cover for our bed. (Thank you Goodwill!) The cat approves. She won't get to sleep on it, though because my husband doesn't allow her to sleep with us. She used to be able to, but lately she wakes up at 4 am and walks around on our heads. He kicked her out the other morning and said she's never coming back. Poor baby. He's a mean old man to kick her out into the freezing cold (70 degrees) living room where she has to curl up on the furry throw that lives on the couch. Actually she has her own room. My "Studio" is really "The Cat's Room." She spends most of her time sleeping in there. If she's not outside saving the world from bugs and dead leaves, that is.

The picture isn't the greatest (typical...they look good on my computer but they lose something on the blog), but you get the idea. I love the fabric, but I'm still not sure what I want to do with it.

I finished the day with a this, and a long phone chat with my daughters who live in another state.

I managed to do some other things too, making it a VERY productive day. And now, I'm going back to bed. I need more sleep after all that productivity!

Just kidding!