Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun stuff...giveaways and cool things

I have discovered the cutest decor! I'm loving it...check it out here at Lewa's Designs. I think I like the dandelions the best. And the trees. And the birds. And...and...and....

Just in time, I say. I'm decorating my "Studio" and I'm getting so inspired just looking at her pictures! I think her stuff would go very well with the way I'm doing it. Pics to follow. Eventually. When I finish. IF I finish! Haha!

You can also go to that same link and follow the instructions for a very cool and generous giveaway. Very groovy, if you ask me! :-) Thank you to Brittany Hughes of Lewa's Designs! (She's from Arizona, like me! LOL)

Have a great day, ya'all!

(Above image from Lewa's Designs)

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