Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Thoughts About Nothing, Really. Skip This If You Have Anything More Important to Do, Like Clip Your Toenails.

Clearly it's time for a new post.

Clearly the muses have gone on vacation.


I have eleven drafts waiting to be worked on, but nothing grabs me.

In the past week I attended the baby shower, (Edit: I have deleted the post to which I just linked because I do not want to risk offending a friend--basically I'd been invited to a baby shower and was making negative observations about gift registries.) which was pleasant. I realized that I'm so not in baby mode. Mine or anyone else's. My kids are grown, but no where near making me a grandparent yet, so babies are the farthest thing from my mind and I discovered how disconnected I am from all things baby related. Also, I didn't know anyone other than the new mother and her mother.

Serendipitously, (cool word...wanted to use it!) I met a lady there who had lived in England before I did. She was actually the sister of someone attending the shower, didn't know anyone either and is also out of baby-mode, so we struck up a conversation. She and her husband were stationed in England and they also pastored there for some years, so we had some old stomping grounds in common. That was nice. My husband is actually there preaching this week so between having daily conversations with him and meeting her I'm longing for a visit. I thought I was way done with long haul flights, but...maybe not!

So. See? I am clearly lacking inspiration to write, so maybe it's just better if I don't. At least until the muses return. Maybe they went to England too.

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