Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hooping it up!

I've been bitten by the hooping bug. A couple of years ago I met Sara, the writer of one of the blogs I love. Her personal blog is here. Recently she was bitten by the bug and has started writing about it. She actually started a new blog dedicated to it here. I was getting more and more inspired by's great exercise and lots of fun, and very graceful to watch. Well. I'm not graceful, but maybe some day...with practice! I started looking it up on youtube and finding cool videos like this one.

I decided purchase a hula hoop...I wanted one that was adult sized but I couldn't find one anywhere except online, and they were a little pricier than I had imagined. I happened across a comment someone made on some forum or another mentioning making your own hoop, and after searching around I found this site and this one. "Great!" I thought...I just need some irrigation tubing and a coupler. Off I went to Lowe's and Home Depot but I didn't find what I needed: 3/4 to 1 inch tubing an internal coupler. Can this be so difficult to find??? Again I searched around online and came up with this. Obviously, that store is good for you only if you live near where I do.

Funny story...I walked into the Urban Farmer (see the link above) and asked the guy there for 3/4 inch tubing. Before I said anything else he said, "You're making a hula hoop?" I guess he's had some other hoopy (loopy? haha) folks in there before me! He hooked me up and for about $7 I made my own hoop. Perfect!

So! I have my own hoop and practice in my garage. I'm not ready yet for anyone to see me do it though, so you'll have to wait before I post a video! In the meantime, you can watch Sara here. I can only hope to be as good as she is one day!

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