Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is There Really a Point to This?

Ok. So what's the point, really, of this blog? I love reading other blogs and I love the idea of having my own, but this space just seems to flounder and I'd way rather read others than write mine. On the other hand I enjoy having a "web presence." I may reopen my online shop eventually and this blog is a convenient resource for that. So. Does this mean I should find a focus? I could write a craft blog or a mom blog or choose from any number of subjects on which to focus. I could just keep it as way to update far-flung family and friends. I could continue as I am without changing anything and continue to leave it on the back burner of my life or I could just shut the whole thing down altogether. Just musing and throwing around some thoughts.

Thoughts? Comments? Email me or leave a comment or something.

1 comment:

Anne of Alamo said...

just blog when you remember! there is no blog quota...i love when you do, and it is just as exciting when they come sporadic! live on the edge
shave only one leg! laugh
and then laugh some more