Friday, October 14, 2011

A Few Things of Note

 *Blogger has this new thing called Dynamic Views. I want to check it out and see if I like it.

*It's hot here. Still. Bleah. We had a few days of rain and that was nice for a change, but now we're back to hot. I shouldn't complain because when I lived in England I loooooonged for this kind of weather. Daily. Every single day of the year. I'm a desert rat at heart. But still. It's hot and I'm tired of sweating all. the. time.

*I'm thinking about starting a house cleaning business. Nothing crazy, just getting a few houses to clean. We'll see. I'm doing my neighbor's oven as a one time thing, as we speak. I sprayed it this morning and I'll go back in a few hours and wipe it down. It has a self cleaning function, but she says she doesn't like it. (See above. It's hot. And self cleaning means a hot kitchen. Maybe that's why...) She's a real estate agent and always has empty houses that need cleaning. She said she'd hook me up with jobs if I want. Thinking about it...

*My son is almost finished with his research paper. Can you say "Finally!" Can you say, "I'm SO done with this school thing!" H'e'll be 20 years old in the spring, he's my last kid, and this research paper is his senior project from high school. Granted he had to re-start as a freshman at age 16 because we couldn't transfer credits from Europe, Home schooling an-almost-twenty-year-old-boy-who-already-has-a-great-job-and-his-own-apartment-and-thinks-he-knows-everything-already-anyway is not my idea of a good time. Just sayin'. But he only has the bibliography and some formatting of the paper itself to finish up and then we hit "send." Nice.

*He just called me. He's decorating his bathroom in his apartment and called me on his lunch hour to ask about prices on shower curtains and stuff. What's too much, what's reasonable, where to shop. I guess he still needs his mommy for some things...

*I have a million and one projects lined up for this fall, crafty and otherwise, which explains my absence here.

*I won something! I have never won anything in a random drawing. My husband did one time...a trip to Hawaii! Seriously. We had a great time. But I've never won anything until now. I entered a drawing for a book and a pattern that I was going to order anyway, and I won! I'm not sure what I won yet though. Apparently it's a surprise. There are five prizes, two being the book and pattern. So we shall see what comes in the mail. I'll let you know what it turns out to be! 

So...on that note, I'm off to check the mailbox!

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Anne of Alamo said...

I sat!
and enjoyed a glass of tea while reading your blog (which I love of course)
back to homeschooling, still insane, and pray for you more here then I did there...weird eh?
tee hee
~never lose your joy!

Letters to you said...

Sounds like a busy day :D Totally know what you mean about projects, I have such a list of things I wanna make with my new sewing machine! ( its not new, I got it for christmas, and Im so sad to say I have had NO time since than to even hem my pants :'( YAY for almost being done school. Took me a long to do it too. Miss you guys, Xoxo

Binnikins said...

I liked that blog lol. Especially the note about elliot thinking he already knows everything and then in the next note he called about decor. LOL. love it.

When I move out I wanna decorate my new room differently. I'm tired of all the bright teeny bopper stuff. im 23 now. time to grow up. any cheap ideas?