Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Things on Your Monday

This is a happy thing: a dog who drinks  Starbucks.

In lieu of my regularly scheduled post, I bring you this: Happy Things. 

If you click on any of the pictures in the link you should be redirected to the original sites. 


StephSal87 said...

Hahahahahahaha omgggggg. Is this picture real??? How stinkin' cute!!! Im staking it (stealing/taking lol)

Brittney -Art Hair Studio said...

haha <3<3<3<3

StephSal87 said...

LOL! its so cute

RH Armenta said...

Oh my gosh!! I seriously laughed SO hard! LOL!!! :D I want one, a coffee and a puppy! Haha! However, coffee makes the stomach upset (I don't think my precious little cwupcake likes coffee;)) and Ramon and I agreed on no dog until after the children can pick up the "doodles." Haha! :) Thank you so much for posting something that made me smile and laugh! :)