Friday, August 24, 2012

On Blueberry Bagels and Abraham

"Would Abraham have eaten this?"
"I don't know but if you don't, I will."
My daughter is getting married in a couple of months. In the interest of fitting into the size wedding dress of her choice she has decided to tone up and lose a few pounds. This, by the way, is the ONLY thing she is doing that is typically bride-y. She is the most organized, level headed, stress free, un-bridezilla I've ever met. At least long distance from this mother's perspective. Her friends may disagree, but I digress. Not that I've heard anything because I haven't!

To lose those pounds she has set a standard for herself of eating only the food Abraham would eat. This  is a mind set that easily eliminates processed foods and focuses on whole, healthy, fresh foods. Very sensible. I've been trying to adopt this attitude toward my own eating because helloo???? I have a dress to fit into for her wedding that is currently one size too small.

Will I do it? I have seven weeks. Stay tuned to find out. Riveting, I know. Of course, you may prefer to clean your toenails and I completely understand.

Anyway, this morning I was wondering if Abraham would have eaten a blueberry bagel with butter.

Let's follow my train of thought, shall we? Abraham was Jewish, right? Bagels are Kosher. How about butter? Not being Jewish myself, I'm not sure about that. But butter is a derivative of milk and Abraham was OK with milk. Cow's milk? Not sure about that either, but hey, milk is milk. Blueberries are something that for sure he would have eaten. If they could grow them there. Which I doubt, but he would have if he could have. We will conveniently ignore all the other crap ingredients in these particular bagels. So, yes. Yes, I think Abraham would have eaten a blueberry bagel with butter. In fact, I think he would have eaten both halves.

It was delicious.

Of course, that means I've blown most of my calorie requirements for the day and I'm not sure it was worth it in retrospect.

That dress is shaking it's finger at me right this minute.

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Brittney said...

Hahaha!!!! shame mother for shame ;) jk

Monique Rice said...

Awww im so excited for Britt to get married! i wish i could go so bad :(
Props for not being bridezilla! I wasnt stressed at ALL either but i think having my wedding in a different state from where i was living made a huge difference. :D
Miss all you guys so much still jealous my parents got to go to San Fran!