Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturdays Are For Nothing in Particular

Well. That's not entirely true. Usually Saturdays are pretty busy and I love that, but this Saturday my hot husband is at a men's discipleship meeting in another city, with the car, which means this Saturday is for nothing in particular. My day is off to a great start. I'm not being facetious or sarcastic. I've been up for two hours and I've done exactly what I wanted to do. 

1. Slept in until 8am. May not seem like sleeping in to some, but during the week I'm almost always up at o'dark thirty, so 8am means the morning is practically over! 

2. Ate a singularly unhealthy breakfast. Yes, Brittney. I do remember our convo yesterday. Meh.

3. Surfed. 

4. Pinned some stuff.

5. Drank some coffee. Why, yes, I am addicted. Again. Thanks for asking. 

6. Contemplated going for a run. See number 2 above. I love my KSO's, by the way. And Vibram has not asked for my endorsement, they have no idea who I am, and they don't care, but I will never run in anything other than my five fingers again. Unless it's my bare feet, but hello? I can't afford a pedicure every time I run and tear up my feet because they are bare. This warrants a whole post at some point, but not now. It's a nothing-in-particular-day, remember? Anyway, I love running. Just not sure if I love it right this minute. I'll contemplate it a bit more and get back to you on that. 

All in all, I'd say it's been a very productive Saturday morning. 

What are you doing today? 

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