Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Blurb For My Favorite Blog!

I have been doing a lot more bloggy reading lately than bloggy writing.

"No! Really?" I hear you exclaim, dripping with sarcasm. ;-) Seasons of life, you know, seasons of life.

One of the blogs I read is called Chickens in the Road.Suzanne writes of her life on a farm in West Virginia in a beautiful entertaining style with lots of pictures. (Pictures are good. I'm a visual kind of gal!) Her blog is always the first one I read and even if I'm busy and don't have time to catch up on my favorite blogs, I always find time for Chickens in the Road. It's a happy place! Reading there is like sitting down with a cup of coffee and having a chat and a laugh with someone who just loves life. Suzanne, if you are reading this, (dare I hope that you might be...I know you only have fifty million things to do every day!) I really do mean that.

Suzanne is participating in a contest to win a job as a "good mood blogger" for sam-E. They are running a contest to pick someone to blog for them daily for six months. Obviously, they want someone with a large readership because it's great advertising for them, but they also are looking for someone who writes well and has a "happy style." Suzanne's upbeat attitude toward life comes through every word she writes.

So. I'm asking you, my readers, all two of you (LOL), to please go here to vote for Suzanne. I would love to see her win this, partly for selfish reasons: I want to read more of her writing! I also know it would be a huge help for her to have this job. At that link you can see a video she has made of herself, and read a bit about her, but I highly recommend you visit her site too.

So, today. That's all I have! I hope to get some bloggy writing done next week. It may or may not happen. I will be out of town for the week to spend Thanksgiving with some dear friends, and I may be laughing too hard, staying up too late, and eating too many goodies to find time to turn on my computer. We shall see. If I don't get back here next week, have a Happy Thanksgiving. This is truly a season of thanks. Thanks=Giving. If our hearts are truly thankful, we will give.  I'm keeping a running list of things that I am thankful for here. I love how keeping a journal of thankfulness is changing my general outlook on life.

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