Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

It's way past time to roll up our sleeves and fight to get our country back from the misinformed, unthinking, self-oriented, self-promoting people who want to make it into a socialized nation. Or worse. Our forefathers didn't give their lives for what's happening today. Some men are NOT more equal than others (read Animal Farm by George Orwell).

So...with that in mind, happy Independence Day! It's not just 4th of July...that comes around every year. Let's make sure we continue to celebrate Independence Day every year!

On a lighter note, Independence Day around here may or may not involve blueberry pie. And strawberry pie. And banoffee pie. Lots of the above. With plenty of whipped cream. And ice cream. Just sayin'. 

Great weekend to all!

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