Friday, January 27, 2012

Pursuing the Dream

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What's the difference? I've been thinking about that lately.

For example,

if I am sitting with my fork sunk into a piece of this

while I'm talking about losing weight, then I do not have a goal of weight loss. 

I have a dream

Or if I say that I am going to hike the Inca Trail to see this

while I'm sitting on the couch day in and day out, I do not have a goal to hike Machu Picchu. 

I have a dream

But if I'm doing a lot of this

and this 

Oops! Where did you come from???? You're cute but you don't really demonstrate the type of workout I'm looking for.  Looks like you need to a few more reps, dude. 

I mean this

and some of this

then I have goals

Goals to not only lose weight, but to hike the Inca Trail without having to be carried down in a body bag. 

Dreams and goals are both good, but let's understand that they are not the same thing. Dreams are thoughts and ideas. Dreams can inspire and motivate us, but to truly pursue them, to turn them into goals and make them reality, we need to put feet on them and take them beyond being merely wishes and turn them into decisions. Lay the groundwork, do the research, learn, take 
steps to actually make them happen. We need to take action, to do something, or we will wake up one morning realizing that we had lots of good intentions but no accomplishments. What's there to be proud of in that?